About me

I graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 2014 with a B.A. in Astrophysics working with Dr. Froney Crawford on extragalactic pulsar surveys. I received my Ph.D. in astrophysics from Cornell University in 2020.


At Cornell, I worked with Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger on modeling the climates of potentially habitable exoplanets. I also worked with Dr. Natasha Holmes and Dr. Andrea Stevenson Won on using virtual reality in physics education.


In the Fall of 2020 I began my Master of Fine Arts degree at the Rhode Island School of Design. In their 2-year Digital + Media program I will focus on exploring our relationship with science by using it as a creative tool.



From modeling life on other worlds to virtual reality in the classroom.

My recent work focuses on the role of surface color on the habitability of exoplanets. Using 1D climate and photochemistry models we can explore how planets behave under different conditions and construct references for future observations of potentially habitable exoplanets.



Research inspired

As an artist, I explore some of the gaps science has left us. From visualizing exoplanets we may never see to contemplating the Universe's most fundamental questions, I work from science through philosophy into art.