Peer Reviewed Papers

J. Madden & L. Kaltenegger High-resolution Spectra for a Wide Range of Habitable Zone Planets around Sun-like Stars. ApJL (2020)
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J. Madden & L. Kaltenegger How surfaces shape the climate of habitable exoplanets. MNRAS (2020)
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L. Kaltenegger, Z. Lin, & J. Madden. High-Resolution Transmission Spectra of Earth through Geological Time. ApJL (2020)
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J. H. Madden, J. P. Schuldt, B. Kim, S. Pandita, A. S. Won & N. G. Holmes. Ready Student One: Exploring predictors for student learning in virtual reality. PLOS ONE (2020)
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L. Kaltenegger, J. Madden, Z. Lin, S. Rugheimer, A. Segura, R. Luque, E. Pallé, N. Espinoza. The Habitability of GJ 357 d: Possible Climates and Observability. ApJL (2019)
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R. Luque et al. Planetary system around the nearby M dwarf GJ 357 including a transiting, hot, Earth-sized planet optimal for atmospheric characterization. A&A (2019)
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J. H. Madden & Lisa Kaltenegger. A Catalog of Spectra, Albedos, and Colors of Solar System Bodies for Exoplanet Comparison. Astrobiology Vol 18 No. 12 (2018)
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J. H. Madden, A. S. Won, J. P. Schuldt, B. Kim, S. Pandita, Y. Sun, T. J. Stone, & N. G. Holmes. Virtual Reality as a Teaching Tool for Moon Phases and Beyond. Physics Education Research Conference. (2018)
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C. Neish, J. Madden, L. Carter, B. Hawke, T. Giguere, V. Bray, G. Osinski, & J. Cahill. Global Distribution of Lunar Impact Melt Flows. Icarus 239 (2014): 105-117
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J. Ridley, F. Crawford, D. Lorimer, S. Bailey, J. Madden, R. Anella, & J. Chennamangalam. Eight New Radio Pulsars in the Large Magellanic Cloud. MNRAS 433 (2013): 138-46
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