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We can measure beyond our ability to sense and internalize our findings. This creates scientific absurdity where our seeking of knowledge is in tension with our inability to understand. Scientific rationality is a powerful engine for generating knowledge centered meaning while intentionally avoiding existential meaning. Scientists and non-scientists alike must turn to art and philosophy to explore and grasp the influence discovery should have on the self and society. The further we are removed from reality by scale in space or time the less influential it can feel. By allowing the human perspective to float along these scales we can see that all scales in space and time are connected with equal weight. The ends to which we pursue a clear picture of reality will remain arbitrary unless we become capable of embodying new ways of thinking.

We have a capacity to expand our perspective beyond ourselves and what is human. Going beyond individual scale is clearly important to many people in the ways we act for future generations and adjust our lives around the 'planet wide'. Our maximum spatial range of concern extends from atomic scales (radiation exposure, unique harmful or helpful chemicals, etc.) to interplanetary scales (Solar and lunar influences on Earth). In time, our maximum range of concern spans from milliseconds (frame rates, human reaction time) to hundreds of years (personally known persons past and future). These are scales which we can more easily internalize consciously but are not the limit of the scales that influence us. Through science, we have intricate models for physics from the subatomic to the Universe encompassing. Entire fields of science could fit themselves neatly within the flicker of 120Hz display with plenty of time to spare and the Universe can be modeled out many times it current 14-billion-year age. Our spheres of measured scale are growing but so are the scales that we are asked to internalized.

Given the way the universe is predicted to expand, there is a large but finite region of the Universe that can be explored from Earth given infinite time. This sets an upper limit on what spatial scale needs to be thought of as influential. Likewise, there is a large but finite amount of time that we predict our Universe will be atomically capable of sustaining any trace of intelligent life putting an upper limit on the time scale we ought to concern ourselves with. The time and space of human influence is finite, how much could widespread internalization of these scales change the way we think about humanity's decisions and choices?