Complete Definitions

Embedding method no.3

This project renders graphical representations of “complete definitions”—all the words that arise in defining the initial seed word. Beginning at a single point, lines are drawn between the seed word and the words needed to define it, and then the words needed to define those words, followed by the next words, and so on, until no new words are necessary.

The connections can be arranged in different ways to show different features of the network. Embedding method no.1 Embedding method no.1 represents a simple system of adding new words counterclockwise to complete a circle which weighs all nodes equally and gives a sense of how the network builds over time. Embedding method no.2 balloons connections out of the most commonly used nodes based on their order of appearence which leads to more variety in structure. Here, method no.3, works from the center outward to emphesize the concentration of connections hear the beginning of the network.